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Superior Manufacturers of Aluminium and SS Name plates

Bharat Metal Process is one among the leading manufacturers and suppliers of Name plates since 1979 in Chennai, Tamil Nadu. We produce name plates with quality tested raw materials which are highly demanded in industries.

As a name plate supplier, we construct and assemble name plates as per the company requirement meeting their demanded designs. Also, we fabricate products with excellence considering the quality which is highly recommended and valued for their cutting-end design, appearance, resistance, durability. And that’s how we believe that, we have possibly earned the name as the best Aluminium Name Plate Manufacturer among the industry.

Since we are involved in metal name plates manufacturing in Chennai for almost decades, we have acceptable customers all over India who have committed with us trusting our products for a long run. Thus, revolving as a successful manufacturer we assure to provide the best rigid products for companies and homes like personalized office name plates and door signs- since our partners are one among the name preferred in industries.

Aluminium name plate manufacturer

As a prime resource, we use this raw material widely for their shiny nature and significant characteristics like weight and thermal conductivity. The main advantage of this material is their protective nature which can maintain product stability for years without losing its visibility configurations.

Also, we involve aluminium in fabricating three different product types like Anodized, screen-printed and weatherproof. The normal aluminium name plates take less process like cutting and bending edges whereas the other two product needs printing machines where the graphic will be sealed on the metal substrate for better appearance. However, the cost for all the products will be convenient since they are cheap and rank best in quality.

Various Applications

Because of their attracting finishes, they are widely used in applications like branding, information boards, identifying boards etc. Also other than nameplates we are involved in making,

  • Barcodes and QR coding
  • Control centers
  • Monitoring consoles
  • Analytical equipment, devices, medical equipment
  • Automation and Construction
  • Business cards
  • Chain tags
  • Compliance tags

SS Name Plate Manufacturer

Stainless steel is another most opted material for their ductility and rust-free life. They can withstand more than 25 years and can maintain their high strength and hardness properties. The most attracting feature of this material is their adaptability i.e. you can emboss and engrave various designs using matte. Due to their polished surface, they don’t require any gloss finishes to make it appealing. Thus, compared to the other metal types the SS is available for cheap benefiting the cost for any extra configurations.

They come with fade proof, fine-finish, and color-fast and are available as stamped, brushed, slide, and blank steel plates on the market at a very affordable price.

Raw Material For Name Plate

Other Raw materials used in name plates

With our constant endeavor and resourceful expertise, we could offer a wide range of ingenious and creative products since now. We focus on providing both quality and excellence in every product we deliver. All the raw materials are quality tested before production to ensure product’s service life.

These plates are designed and produced by the skilled professionals to make it the best outcome. The raw materials that are involved in the name plate other than stainless steel and aluminium are brass and metal. These raw materials are appreciated for their sturdiness and finishing capabilities and are capable of withstanding in all environmental conditions with best durable nature.

Cutting designs

Our domain is installed with various equipments that allow the name plates to attain unique appearance. These name plates can be pressed, knifed to shape or cut through the laser depending on the gauge. Our standard pressing tools are available in rectangular and circle with appropriate radius corners and mounting holes. We also fabricate pressed tools to meet your specific designs. The end process of the name plates will be cutting and cropping of the corners in different shapes and embossed with text or color.

Our Products

Weather Proof Name Plates

Aluminium Name Plate

Deep Etched and Painted
Corrosion resistance
Outdoor resistance

Screen Printed Name Plate

Aluminium Screen Printed

Printed with Inks and Lacquer quoted
Indoor purpose

Anodized Name Plate

Aluminium Anodized

Color Anodized
Corrosion resistance
Indoor purpose

Stainless Steel Name Plates

Stainless Steel Plates

Deep Etched and Painted
Corrosion resistance
Outdoor resistance

Stainless Steel Tags

Tag Plates

Laser Marked
Corrosion resistance
Outdoor resistance

Brass Name Plates

Brass Name Plates

Deep Etched and Painted
Corrosion resistance
Outdoor resistance


Metal Boards

Deep Etched and Painted
Corrosion resistance
Outdoor resistance



Multi Color Printing
3m Self Adhesive
Indoor purpose / Outdoor Purpose


Delivering Quality Products

We produce and supply contemporary products to all our customers at prompt occurrences with cost-effective prices. With a high-end technique and experienced knowledge, we engrave design in most sought out raw materials and noticeably referred as the best SS Name plate manufacturer and supplier. The only reason for manufacturing these products is due to the machinery and equipment that are installed in our domain infrastructure. These custom-made metal logo plates products which we manufacture and supply are commonly used in machines, name tags, doors, accessories, as an address plate and specifically in residential and commercial buildings.

Supremacy in the name plate industry is which makes us contemplate as the trusted name plate manufacturer. We try harder to make your name plates worth for the cost and will deliver it at the right time as demanded. We thrive to make designs look better and attractive.


You can clean your aluminium and other metal name plates twice a week with a soft cloth or with a mild detergent. Regular cleaning of the name plates will result in extra service life with the best visibility. Don’t use any sharp materials on name plates to avoid scratches.

Quality Product